• ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION (AIYCSM) is an autonomous institution registered under the Trust Act - 1882 Govt. of India (Registered no. IV-1903-04700/2018) & under N.C.T New Delhi Govt. of India. (Registered no. IN- DL35149536591030R) ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION NAME & LOGO is registered under Trade mark registry department, Govt. of India. Act-1999 (Registered no. 4015880). ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION IS AN ISO 29990:2010 & 9001:2015 Certified Organization. Employment and Training Directorate under Labour and Employment Ministry, Government of India, New Delhi has permit to register trained students of ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION in Employment Exchange of every district of India under the basis of National Classification of Occupation code [N.C.O.]. ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION registered under (MSMED) Act, 2006, Govt. of India (UAM No – WB15D0004728). ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION registered under NITI Aayog (NGO DARPAN) Act, 1956, govt. of India (Unique Id of VO/NGO- WB/2018/0216037). All courses OF AIYCSM under C.R. Act of Department of Secondary and Higher Education of Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD), Govt. of India.AIYCSM is a registered organization from planning commission of Govt. of India, New Delhi under NGO partnership system, for organizing all training program of planning commission.

    • AIYCSM is one of the leading institution in IT Industry. The main objective behind the establishment of this institute is to spread the computer literacy and vocational program to all over the country. By this literacy program or Saksharta Mission, we ensure that student may learn computer more and become self- motivated. AIYCSM are in tune with the latest trends in the Information Technology Industry, thus setting the highest standards of IT education for the students.

    • In line with its vision of bringing people and computers together AIYCSM has built up a broad portfolio of Computer Training Programs from simple to advanced, high tech offerings for beginners as well as for IT professionals for upgrading their knowledge in Information Technology.

    • Today AIYCSM has a presence with over 500+ training centers across the country. Indenting to provide students and professionals with all types of Educational services in a smart but low cost consuming way, So that we can reach every sector of our society in a decent way. AIYCSM provide good quality computers with good quality teaching and support to our students with affordable course fee. We structured our courses according to present Information Technology Industry.

    • AIYCSM is committed to help the country is diagnosing the social needs and requirements in order to define the level of learning to meet the need of its population and helping them establishing the appropriate targets and derive suitable strategies for implementing the policies and programs to meet the educational and institution building needs.

    • We are grounded by the foundation and values of our past but are youthful and progressive in our present and will continue in the future. All our endeavors at AIYCSM are to create opportunities for our students, employees, business-partners to lead a better life.


Our Mission Vision

As our primary concern is our students, we are devoted to create an environment of learning and develop them through continuous training. We believe in sustainable development of each student in every aspect. ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION covers almost every type of audience. Whether it is a professional seeking to advance his knowledge for improving prospects at work, a student planning a career, a housewife and senior citizen wanting to learn to operate computer or laptop, AIYCSM has something for everyone.


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