Director's Massage

Mr. Santanu Das


I am extremely happy to share my dream, AIYCSM with you all. I worked as an IT professional in my past. But I never satisfied with my job because there was no scope to do something for my country. I left my job as I always wanted to do something for my country. I had found the lack of proper training processes, lack of proper documents with proper base, course guidelines and skill development at most of reputed institutes. I felt sorry for the youth and for the generation as well. This inspired me to fill in the void by setting up my dream, AIYCSM and backing it with a highly qualified, skilled and motivated team with proper documents and a strong base.

AIYCSM began its journey with the futuristic vision of India as a leader in IT world. We visualize the dreams of youngsters and align our objectives with their career goals to make them employable. We promise to provide quality education and training with individual care. Our IT training programs provide students with a strong platform to build their careers on.

I am happy to share with you all that AIYCSM has been founded to serve the purpose of bridging the gap between academic institutions and the industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualification and qualities through topnotch training programs. My Thanks and best wishes to staff members, faculties and students and especially to all the centre directors for their sincere efforts and dedication to AIYCSM. I am confident while making promise to the new entrants that we are determined to give them best in a perfect and organized way.

Wish You All The Very Best In Life!

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